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  OSE Paper Series

TTIP: what it will mean for us and what is the alternative?
Myant, M. (2015)
OSE Paper Series, Briefing Paper No.11, November 2015, 16p.
This OSE Briefing Paper argues that TTIP offers no improvements in economic or social conditions for European citizens. On the contrary, the Partnership threatens a reduction in protection for employees and consumers and a substantial enhancement of the power of private business. If the Partnership is to be continued at all, then it should do so with the exclusion of the Investor-state dispute settlement and with means to ensure there is no reduction in regulatory protections.

  New publication

Social Policy in the European Union: State of Play 2015

The European Social Observatory and the European Trade Union Institute just published the 16th edition of their flagship publication. It provides easily accessible information about recent developments as well as a more analytical reading and a forward-looking perspective for stakeholders and policymakers alike.


Stimulating growth and jobs enhancing investments - Is there a need for improvement of the EU fiscal framework

Monday 12th October 2015 (3 pm - 6 pm) at the European Parliament, Brussels.
> Invitation, programme and registration :  (PDF)

  New project 

Further Socializing the European Semester?

Bart Vanhercke and Jonathan Zeitlin have been asked by the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the EU to assess how social and employment issues are being considered in the European Semester, and how the social policy dimension can be enhanced.


  Social indicators

OSE and HIVA (KULeuven) will continue their research efforts for the Belgian Social Security Administration (FPS), with a view to updating and improving 
the indicators used in the Belgian National Social Report and the National Reform Programme.

  OSE/ETUI Lunchtime Session

The New Politics of Inequality in Europe

During this Lunchtime Session on 3rd September 2015, Lord Stewart Wood (Emeritus Fellow in Politics, Oxford University) and Dr Lorenza Antonucci (University of the West of Scotland) will engage in a dialogue with the audience about the political dimensions of inequality in Europe. 

  Board of Directors 

We are thrilled to welcome Annemie Pernot to the OSE’s Board of Directors. 

Ms. Pernot is a former Social Attaché to the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union and Chairwoman of the Belgian Commission on Women's Labour.

  OSE Activity Report 

OSE Activity Report published

The OSE's Activity Report for 2014 is out now. See what the team has accomplished in the past year and how those accomplishments have been received by trade unions, NGOs, EU institutions, and other scholars. New additions to the team, new research projects, new publications, and new developments in the OSE will all be reviewed in brief.


  OSE Paper Series

What Policy Innovation for Youth in the Era of Prolonged Austerity? 
The Case of Greece
Petmesidou, M. and Polyzoidis, P. (2015)
OSE Paper Series, Research Paper No.20, july 2015, 38p.

This OSE Research Paper evaluates the bleak youth employment situation in Greece after the bailout-instigated reforms. The effectiveness of programmes like The Youth Guarantee are analyzed and judged in the context of their ability to positively affect the employment situation.

  ESPN Publications

We are delighted to announce a  range of publications (EN/FR) on Social Investment which have been produced in the context of the European Social Policy Network. They can be downloaded from the ESPN project page.


  BBC World Service Interview

"Young, Jobless and European"
OSE Director Bart Vanhercke was interviewed by Tanya Beckett on BBC World Service (Business Daily) regarding the social legacy of the financial crisis, Europe's blind austerity, and the need for a binding EU framework on minimum income protection.


  OSE Paper Series

Politique et droit de l’Union Européenne: développements ayant un impact sur la politique nationale des soins de santé
Baeten, R. and Ghailani, D. (2015)
The EU’s influence on national health systems remains largely the result of legislation and policies in other policy domains; in particular, the EU coordination of macro-economic policies and the internal market. This OSE briefing paper, written at the request of the NIHDI, analyses the recent developments in this domain and explores to what extent an EU agenda on reforming health systems is emerging. Furthermore, it provides an overview of the recent case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union that might impact health systems.


Available in French and Dutch)

  New publication

The impact of the crisis on fundamental rights across Member States of the EU. Country Report on Belgium
Ghailani, D. with Vanhercke, B. (2015)
Study for the LIBE Committee, European Parliament

Respect for human rights is a universal value embedded in the European Union Treaties. However, the economic crisis has forced Member States to introduce structural reforms, cutting public expenditure and availability of social benefits. In this context, the European Parliament commissioned an assessment of the impact of the crisis on fundamental rights across seven Member States with a focus on the right to work, right to healthcare, right to a pension, and right to education.





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