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  OSE Opinion Paper

Dialogue social européen : une relance « de la dernière chance »
Pochet  P. and Degryse C. (2016), OSE Opinion Paper No.17
Philippe Pochet and Christophe Degryse recall the major stages of the European social dialogue and examine the dynamics between the various players. This OSE Opinion Paper (in French) takes an unusual approach by highlighting and questioning the strategy of the employers’ organisations and European multinationals. The authors comment on a possible future relaunch of the European social dialogue.


  Save the date - 26 January 2017

Europeanised or European? Representation by civil society organisations in EU policy-making
During this OSE Lunchtime Session, Sandra Kröger (University of Exeter) will be focusing on three questions: To what degree are civil society organisations Europeanized? Who are they addressing when they engage in political representation in EU affairs and with which strategies? And what are the incentives and disincentives for civil society organisation to become engaged with EU policy-making?


  OSE Research Paper

Violations of fundamental rights: collateral damage of the Eurozone crisis?
Ghailani D. (2016)
, OSE Research paper Nr.32 (Available in EN and FR)
This research paper lists the austerity measures adopted by a number of Member States, and describes their impact on certain economic and social rights. It then evokes the reaction of international human rights bodies, which denounced these infringements, compares the dynamism of the national constitutional courts to the timidity of the European courts, and explores the question of liability in cases of violations of fundamental rights. 


  Lunchtime session - 8 December 2016

Labour Market Reform and the Future of Europe after Brexit
Daniel Clegg, Amandine Crespy and Steven Van Hecke will discuss the ‘social causes’ and ‘political consequences’ of Brexit. The latter may open a window of opportunity for a wider policy and paradigm reassessment in Europe. At least regarding the EU’s ‘neoliberal’ approach to labour markets.

  After-work panel discussion - 6 December 2016

How to build the European pillar of social rights?
Allan Larsson, Maria João Rodrigues, Esther Lynch, Josef Wöss and Ruth Paserman will discuss how the proposed Pillar of Social Rights will be transposed into concrete actions at the EU level, and how Member States can be convinced into accepting more guidance on achieving convergence towards higher social standards.




  New publication

 Geplande geneeskundige zorg in het buitenland 
Toestemmingen verleend door de Belgische ziekenfondsen 


 Soins médicaux programmés à l’étranger 
Autorisations délivrées par les mutuelles belges

Baeten R. & Ghailani D. (2016), OSE, RIZIV-INAMI-NIHDI

The EU Directive on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare was transposed into Belgian law (2013), which led to a revision of the guidance on the application of the pre-existing domestic legal frameworks relating to prior authorization for programmed healthcare abroad. This research paper (NL/FR) explores the application in practice of this revised guidance by the sickness funds and provides some policy recommendations.


  22 November 2016 - Prowelfare Final Conference

Unemployment and Pensions Protection in Europe: 
the Changing Role of Social Partners

Researchers, policymakers and stakeholders will discuss the changing role of social partners in the provision of ‘contractual welfare’. Confirmed keynote speakers include Jochen Clasen, Bernhard Ebbinghaus, Bent Greve, Maarten Keune, Martin Seeleib-Kaiser and Michel Servoz. 


  Just published

Retirement regimes for workers in arduous or hazardous jobs

The European Commission just released a report on ‘Retirement regimes for workers in arduous or hazardous jobs. A study of national policies’. The report was written by David Natali, Slavina Spasova and Bart Vanhercke in the context of the European Social Policy Network (
ESPN). It draws on the national contributions prepared by the 35 ESPN Country Teams. 


  European Health Care News

The new edition of the 'European Health Care News' newsletter is available: it provides an overview of EU-level developments relevant to national health care systems, with links to official documents, policy developments and case law. 
The newsletter is a vailable in English, French and Dutch.


  Roundtable Discussion - 31 August 2016

Occupational Welfare Trends in Austria and Germany: Focus on Pensions

PROWELFARE researchers as well as national and European stakeholders and policymakers discuss the contribution of social dialogue to welfare state developments in EU Member States. The Roundtable addresses the divergent trajectories of occupational pensions in Austria and Germany.


Work-life balance measures for persons of working age with dependent relatives in Europe. A study of national policies.
Bouget D., Spasova S. and Vanhercke B. (2016)

This new European Social Policiy Network (ESPN) report is concerned with some of the key questions that arise regarding (a) the work-life balance of working-age people - mostly women - who care for disabled and chronically ill dependent relatives; (b) facilitating the employment of carers; and (c) maintaining the well-being of the carers and their families. The Synthesis Report demonstrates the diversity of policy approaches in Europe regarding work-life balance, which remains a complex and problematic issue rarely recognised as such.



  OSE Lunchtime Session

Combating Poverty in Europe: Active inclusion and the European Pillar of Social Rights

Drawing on comparative analyses about social policy design, institutional frameworks and delivery practices, this seminar (20 June 2016) with Bjørn Hvinden (NOVA) and Freek Spinnewijn (FEANTSA) discussed methods to effectively combat poverty and social exclusion, in view of the ongoing consultation about the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Brexit debate.

  OSE-ETUI Joint Workshop

Constructing social policy indicators

The OSE and ETUI are organising a ‘by invitation only’ workshop
(22 June 2016) which aims at equipping the research institutes with both the theoretical and practical aspects of constructing social policy indicators. Keynote speakers: Tom Bevers (EMCO Chair), Rudi Van Dam (Indicators Subgroup/SPC Chair) and Olivier Bontout (DG EMPL).

  New research

Policies for an Aged Workforce in the EU (PAWEU)

In spite of the current strong emphasis in all EU countries on means to tackle youth unemployment, the participation of older individuals in the labour market remains a significant policy challenge too. The OSE hence engaged in a new EU- funded project on ‘Policies for an Aged Workforce in the EU’, together with the Fondazione G. Brodolini, the Italian Social Security Institute (INPS) and the Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly People (MoLFSPE).

  Occupational Welfare : Country studies

The nine country studies that have been produced in the context of the EU-funded PROWELFARE project have now been published in the OSE Working Paper Series. These reports show the growing importance and uneven spread of ‘occupational welfare’ in AT, BE, DE, IT, NL, ES, SE, PL and UK.


  New ESPN Flash reports

Ageing, residential childcare, housing costs and tax debts

Four new Flash Reports prepared by the European Social policy Network (ESPN) have been published, providing information on the ageing population in France, childcare reforms in Lithuania, a new rent subsidy in Luxembourg and draft regulations in Portugal to protect families from losing their homes.




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