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Social dialogue is a fundamental component of the European Social Model. The OSE includes this dimension in its analysis of the labour market and the contribution of stakeholders to the quality of work and life. The European sectoral social dialogue was formalised in a European Commission decision of 20 May 1998 - 98/500/EC on the sectoral social dialogue committees. It was in this context that the OSE carried out several studies and work for the European Commission and for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. 

In 2004, at the behest of Directorate-General Employment and Social Affairs, the OSE undertook a study on the sectoral social dialogue. This was based in particular on the capitalisation of texts resulting from the social sectoral dialogue. Interviews were carried out on a systematic basis and questionnaires were addressed to the sectors in existence at that time. They are regularly updated and have been extended to new sectors that have come into being since then.
This work led to the setting up of a database describing all the documents contained therein, from the very first text, signed in 1978. Each text is identified according to a pre-defined typology (common position/declaration/recommendation/agreement/employment regulation/ tool), by its field (health–safety/training/employment/working time/social dialogue/enlargement/ working conditions/sustainable development/economic and/or sectoral policies and social aspects of Community policies) or even by its addressee (European social partners, European institutions, national organisations, companies and national authorities).
The conducting of interviews and qualitative and quantitative analysis of questionnaires have resulted in a study which is accessible online (Document PDF) on the website of Directorate- General Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission.
The OSE also produced a study on the expectations of social partners in the field of lifelong learning for CEDEFOP, and has regularly contributed to the work of the European Trade Union Institute on the sectoral social dialogue. 

The database is regularly updated and currently contains over 500 texts covering 36 sectors, in all the existing linguistic versions, not including the working programmes and various other documents. 
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