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   Sabato Sebastiano   Researcher

Specialist fields :
European Integration, Policy Learning, Governance
   Short Biography

Sebastiano Sabato completed his PhD in Political Science at the Italian Institute for Human Sciences (SUM) in Florence in February 2013, with a doctoral thesis on "The Impact of the Open Method of Coordination on National Policies: an Analysis of the Peer Review meetings in the Open Method of Coordination for Social Protection and Social Inclusion". He holds a Master's Degree in Economics and Politics of European Integration from the University of Bologna, Faculty of Political Sciences (Forlì). 
Currently, his research interests include occupational welfare, minimum income and social policy more generally (both at the European and national levels) as well as European governance (notably the OMC in the domains of social protection, social inclusion and employment as well as the Europe 2020 Strategy). Since February 2013, he has had a Post-Doc research grant at the University of Milan (Department of Social and Political Sciences), where he has been working with others on the project "Combating Poverty in Europe: Re-organising Active Inclusion through Participatory and Integrated Modes of Multilevel Governance" (COPE). 


Listened to, but not heard ? Social partners' multilevel involvement in the European Semester
Sabato S. and Vanhercke B. with Spasova S. (2017)
OSE Paper Series, Research Paper No.35, March 2017, 46p. 
Connecting entrepreneurship with policy experimentation? The EU framework for social innovation
Sabato S. ; Vanhercke B. and Verschraegen G. (2017)
Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research
Balancing protection and investment: structural reforms in five countries
Agostini C. ; Lisi V. ; Natali D. and Sabato S. (2016)
Brussels: European Trade Union Institute, 124 p. 

EN (Free download)
Set aside, embedded or relaunched? The uncertain fate of the EU social investment strategy
Sabato S. (2016)
Politiche Sociali/Social Policies, n. 2/2016, May-August, pp. 371-386, DOI: 10.7389/84012
The usage of EU resources in local social innovation
Sabato S. and Verschraegen G. (2016)
ImPRovE Working Paper No. 16/03
The European Semester and modernisation of public administration
Peña-Casas R. ; Sabato S. ; Lisi V. and Agostini C. (2015)
Final Report of the EPSU Social Dialogue Project. Brussels: European Social Observatory and European Public Service Union, 106p.
The European Semester and Modernisation of Public Administration
Peña-Casas R. ; Sabato S. ; Lisi V. and Agostini C. (2015) 
OSE Working Paper Series, Briefing Paper No.12 (December), Brussels: European Social Observatory
Social investment in Europe: a study of national policies
Bouget D. ; Frazer H. ; Marlier E. ; Sabato S. and Vanhercke B. (2015)
Report prepared in the context of European Social Policy Network (ESPN)

The EU framework for social innovation. Between entrepreneurship and policy experimentation
Sabato S. ; Vanhercke B. and Verschraegen G.
ImPRovE Working Paper n°15/21.
About the baby and the bathwater: assessing the European Platform against Poverty
Sabato S. and Vanhercke B. 
Working Paper 2014.09, Brussels, European Trade Union Institute.
A model for implementing sustainable and qualitative growth in the EU
Sabato S. ; Natali D. and Barbier C. 
Martens Centre for European Studies
The peer review meetings in the European employment strategy: Dynamics, opportunities and limits for Member States’ learning 
Sabato S. 
Working paper for the Einaudi Centre- Laboratory on Comparative Politics and Public Philosophy.

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