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Final conference  (Brussels)  -  3 September 2019  -  Documents

° Progamme (PDF) EN  FR | Invitation (PDF) EN  FR
Presentations (Slides)
° Case Study BE - Belgian trade unions and the European Semester: reciprocal but limited influence - PDF
° Case Study BG - The European Semester as a selective catalyst for national social policymaking - PDF
° Case Study DE - German Social Partners and the Euorpean Semester - PDF
° Case Study FI - Just being heard’? Engaging in the European Semester in the shadow of domestic politics - PDF
° Case Study HU - Squeezed out from the policy-making processes? The ES in a context of weakened social partnership - PDF
° Case Study IT - From an ‘intrusion’ to a ‘window of opportunity’? Influencing the national debate through the ES - PDF
° Case Study PT - National Trade Union Involvement in the European Semester - PDF
° Case Study SE - Neither Sticks nor Carrots: Swedish Social Partners and the European Semester - PDF
° ETUC Trade Union Involvement Index 2019 -  PDF
° The interplay between national social dialogue and the European Semester (WP 3) - PDF
° Trade union strategies for involvement in the Semester: ‘taming the hedgehog’ (WP 4) - PDF
° Channels for trade union involvement in the European Semester (WP 5) - PDF
Case studies and final report
° Case Studies - BE/BG/DE/FI/HU/IT/PT/SE
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