Research Outputs

Main activities
° WP1 – Coordination 
Overall management of the project: general and scientific coordination, administrative and financial coordination, logistics coordination, support services, quality check.
° WP2 – Information gathering 
Production of eight country reports (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Spain) and methodological tools for information gathering (web survey, guidelines interviews and focus groups, structure for country reports).
° WP3 – Cross-country analysis: Digitalisation and job quality 
Convergence and national specificities within the different sectors covered, regarding the changes brought about by digitalisation to the different dimensions of job quality and the related outcomes for workers.
° WP4 – Cross-country analysis: Digitalisation and social dialogue 
Challenges/opportunities and practices related to digitalisation of work for sectoral and national trade unions in public activity sectors.
° WP5 – Dissemination 
Dissemination of the research results through events, media and publications, some of which will be translated into national languages.


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