Handling the diverse effects of digitalisation on job quality: technology-positive workers and strong social dialogue in the Danish public sector

Refslund B. and Borello A.

DIGIQU@LPUB project, OSE Paper Series, Research Paper No. 53, July 2023, 46p.

Date de publication

This Research Paper presents the Danish results of the European Commission-funded ‘DIGIQU@LPUB’ project examining how digitalisation affects job quality and social dialogue in three sectors: electricity, public administration and hospitals. With digitalisation quite advanced in the Danish public sector, workers are positive about it, as evidenced by the lack of conflict between workers and management over it. Yet the direct impact on job quality is more ambiguous. While results shows that worker autonomy is being challenged by new technologies, physical work environments have improved. Negative effects are seen in higher workloads, stress and work intensification.

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