The slow but inexorable digitalisation of work in Hungary's public services against a backdrop of weak social dialogue

Borbély S., Dura M., Kisgyörgy O., Lajtai G., Molnár-Vojtkó T. and Soós A.

DIGIQU@LPUB project, OSE Paper Series, Research Paper No. 59, September 2023, 40p.

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This Research Paper presents the Hungarian case study of the European Commission-funded ‘DIGIQU@LPUB’ project examining the impact of digitalisation on job quality and social dialogue in public services in three sectors: electricity, public administration and healthcare. The research concludes that digitalisation is impacting job quality in several ways. Seeking to make the most of its potential while protecting workers against its negative effects is particularly challenging in the context of the accelerating pace of digitalisation and weak social dialogue in Hungary. The report ends with policy recommendations, for example to develop a policy framework on digitalisation in close cooperation with the social partners and to emphasise training for workers to improve their adaptability.

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