A ‘Social Imbalances Procedure’ for the EU

Towards operationalisation

Sabato S. with Vanhercke B. and Guio A.C.

ETUI, The European Trade Union Institute, WP 2002.09, 10 Mars 2022, Brussels, 59p.

Date de publication

"In view of the formidable challenges ahead related to recovery from the Covid-19 crisis and to the green and digital transitions, the EU social governance toolbox should urgently be strengthened. This paper discusses the conditions for and added value of setting up an EU Social Imbalances Procedure (SIP), which would be a significant step in this direction.[...]"
After identifying normative, functional, technical and political arguments that support the creation of a Social Imbalances Procedure, the paper develops two main options for its operationalisation. In terms of governance arrangements, the paper envisages a three-stage process 

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