Ilda Durri

Ilda Durri started a new role as researcher in EU social policies at the European Social Observatory (OSE). Her work includes projects, such as on the impact of globalisation, digitalization, demographic changes, and climate change on labour markets and welfare states in Europe (WELAR); access for domestic workers to labour and social protection (ESPAN); transparency of social protection systems (ESPAN); digital labour platforms in the care sector (ORIGAMI); EU social policy developments (Revue belge de sécurité sociale).

Ilda holds a PhD in labour law from the KU Leuven University, together with two master’s in law from the University of Amsterdam (LL.M.) and the University of Tirana (MSc). She has held positions, such as legal consultant for the International Labour Organization, postdoctoral and doctoral researcher, EU project manager, and legal assistant. Her field of expertise includes topics such as non-standard work, platform work, the digitalization of working patterns, and the future of work, with a focus in the EU arena. She is the author of numerous publications, e.g. from Oxford Legal Handbook, Cambridge University Press and the International Labour Organization. Ilda speaks four languages, namely English, French, Italian and Albanian.