The need for a ‘holistic’ workplace health and wellbeing strategy

Is the pandemic an opportune time for an EU breakthrough?

Guillén A.M. and Petmesidou M.

OSE Paper Series, Opinion Paper No.26, September 2020, 16p.

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The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has brought occupational health and safety (OHS) to the fore, turning the leading role of the EU in this respect into a peremptory and pressing concern. The authors of this Opinion Paper argue in favour of moving beyond the current fragmented approach to OHS and placing it squarely in the field of social protection. This will allow for a holistic prevention and health promotion strategy, addressing old and new workplace hazards and overall wellbeing. Objectives to be reached should also include age-and gender-specific targeting, clearer legal and policy provisions, availability of research evidence, and enhanced monitoring of compliance with regulations.

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