Les mesures prises dans l’UE pour les travailleurs atypiques et les indépendants

Spasova S., Sabato S. Ghailani D., Fronteddu B. et Vanhercke B.

Cahier FEC, Bruxelles : Formation Education Culture, 60 p.

Labour market issues and social protection

Spasova S. and Wilkens M.

in Vanhercke B., Ghailani D. and Sabato S. (eds.), Social Policy in the European Union: State of Play 2018, Brussels: European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) and European Social Observatory (OSE), pp. 97-116

The OSE started new research for the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), examining the social protection measures taken in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic related to sickness, unemployment and leave benefits in the EU27. The deliverables of the project consist in an overall mapping report of the national measures, eight in-depth national case studies and a final analytical report. This study will be among the first to focus exclusively on the social protection measures taken by Member States to support non-standard workers and the self-employed in the context of the pandemic.