European social services: on the front line implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights?

While inequalities remain a fundamental challenge across Europe, and the EU is progressively implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights, the European Social Network (ESN) has again asked the OSE to provide scientific underpinning of its work on the European Semester. The OSE contribution will draw on questionnaires that will be completed by ESN members. It will provide the substance for ESN proposals regarding the 2021 Country-specific Recommendations. The focus of this year’s ESN contribution will be on financial and operational constraints affecting the management and provision of social services, territorial disparities, progress towards service integration, and evidence-based policy-making. Policy areas covered will include children’s services, long-term care, homelessness and housing exclusion. OSE researchers involved: Boris Fronteddu (lead researcher), Sebastiano Sabato and Bart Vanhercke