Newsletter ‘EU socio-environmental affairs’

The global environmental crisis is tending to create new social inequalities and reinforce existing ones. As this crisis will increasingly put pressure on the very core of the EU’s socioeconomic models, the OSE has been contracted by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) to produce a pilot version of a newsletter on the implementation of the ‘European Green Deal’, and especially the EU’s political commitment to a ‘socially just transition’. The purpose of the Newsletter will be to monitor European policies impacting both the environment and the European social model. It will also echo the positions of social stakeholders (notably social partners) and third countries. It will report the analysis and opinions of civil society and the world of research through a selection of scientific articles dealing with the social aspects of the environmental crisis. Researchers involved in this project: Boris Fronteddu (lead researcher), Sebastiano Sabato and Bart Vanhercke.