INVOTUNES : Social partner involvement in the European Semester


The final conference of the INVOTUNES research project will bring together researchers, EU and national policymakers, social partners and other stakeholders to discuss the present and future role of social partners in the Semester. There will be ample time to consider the project’s key findings and examine the eight case studies (BE, BG, DE, FI, HU, IT, PT and SE). The final, forward-looking Roundtable Discussion will raise the tricky question of whether the EU should take initiatives (soft governance, legislation) to encourage Member States to enhance the quality of social partner involvement in the European Semester?

Confirmed speakers include: Lorenza Antonucci, Liina Carr, Maxime Cerutti, Marco Cilento, Jeroen Jutte, Emmanuele Pavolini, Richard Pond, Andrea Pritoni, Ricardo Rodríguez Contreras, Jonathan Zeitlinan and Ilze Zvidrina.

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The event is organised as part of the European Commission-funded INVOTUNES project.