Policies for an aged workforce in Europe (PAWEU)


In spite of the current strong emphasis in all European countries on means to tackle youth unemployment, the participation of older individuals in the labour market remains a significant policy challenge. The OSE and the Fondazione Brodoloni (IT) are involved in a European Commission-funded project on ‘Policies for an Aged Workforce in the EU’. The goal of the research is to analyse the situation of the ageing population in the EU, notably regarding their employability and workability patterns, as well as the reforms undertaken in social protection systems and labour market policies.

This closed stakeholder workshop will be an opportunity for scholars and EU stakeholders to discuss policies and practices allowing older persons to stay longer in employment or re-join the labour force if they have left it. Confirmed speakers include Ettore Marchetti, Michele Raitano, Rebekah Smith and Asghar Zaidi.