Bilan social de l’Union européenne 2013


The OSE was contracted by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) to conduct research, which resulted in a book on “Social developments in the European Union 2013”. The 15th edition of this publication (published in July 2014) featured authors such as Anton Hemerijck (Fault lines and silver linings in Europe’s social market economy), Frank Vandenbroucke, Bart Vanhercke and John Morley (A European Social Union), and Ferdinand Fichtner (Euro area-wide unemployment insurance). In the concluding chapter, David Natali suggests a new policy package through a new political deal.

With a look into such varied fields of enquiry as European social governance (Christophe Degryse, Maria Jepsen and Philippe Pochet), a European minimum income (Ramón Peña-Casas and Denis Bouget), Gender equality (Dalila Ghailani), and working time and atypical forms of work (Carole Lang, Stefan Clauwaert and Isabelle Schömann), the contributors to this research project present a thorough analysis of the main social developments that took place in Europe during the year 2013. The book ends with a chronology of the key events in European social policy (Cécile Barbier).