The impact of digitalisation on the content and quality of jobs in public services (EPSU)


What is the concrete impact of the increased use of ICTs in public services on the content and quality of jobs? This is the central question of the research project that the OSE has just begun for the European Federation of Public Services (EPSU). After reviewing the literature and carrying out targeted interviews with sectorial EPSU delegates, the project will focus on reporting the perceptions of workers themselves about the positive and negative effects of ICT on their work. The effects of digitalisation on the content of work and the organization of tasks and, more generally, on job quality, are analysed in two specific sectors: home care and public employment services, in four European countries (France, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain). The first results will be presented at a public service congress in Berlin in December 2017, with the final report due in early 2018.

The OSE researchers involved in this project are Dalila Ghailani and Ramón Peña-Casas