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Anticipating for an Innovative Management of Restructuring in Europe (AgirE)


Bringing together academics and practitioners in the area of company restructuring from several European countries, the AgirE project aimed to provide a theoretical framework for reflection on restructuring in Europe based on a pooling of knowledge gained from academic articles and about thirty detailed case studies. The AgirE project had 3 basic objectives: to draw up a typology of restructuring processes; to strengthen the capacity of players to anticipate and manage restructuring; and to promote new methods of regulation at Community level. On the basis of these three objectives, an approach was developed that focuses on the diversity of the players in order to characterise the restructuring in question (typology), as well as to analyse the way in which the players anticipated and managed the restructuring, ultimately with a view to the promotion of new regulatory methods at Community level. An international conference was held at the end of the project to present the final report.

For this project, the OSE produced two documents on the issue of anticipating change in the framework of the European Employment Strategy and the establishment of adaptation mechanisms at European level (see publications).

The OSE team - Ramón Peña-Casas in cooperation with Philippe Pochet and Dalila Ghailani also drafted the chapter of the final report concerning European restructuring policies and carried out the final evaluation of the project.