European Network of Excellence: Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe (RECWOWE)


The OSE has been an active member of RECWOWE since the creation of this Network of Excellence. Funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme for research, RECWOWE aims at overcoming the fragmentation of European research on issues related to work and welfare.logo recwowe

The main objective is to identify tensions between work and welfare across Europe and to come forward with strategies to resolve or successfully manage those tensions. RECWOWE brings together 30 partner institutions from all over Europe. Several hundred researchers work together on particular aspects of the relationship between work and welfare. 

OSE team members take part in numerous activities of the network. Dalila Ghailani and Ramón Peña-Casas took part in a research project on job quality that resulted in the publication of a book in English (‘Quality of Work in the European Union: Concepts, Data and Debates from a Transnational Perspective’) and in Spanish (‘Calidad del Trabajo en la Union Europea. Concepto, Tensiones, Dimensiones’). 

Together with Anna Safuta, they also contributed to a book on in-work poverty in Europe that will be co-edited by Ramón (together with Rodolfo Gutiérrez from the University of Oviedo and Neil Fraser from the University of Edinburgh). Dalila and Ramón are also taking part in the RECWOWE task investigating job quality from a legal perspective. Ramón (co-)authored two RECWOWE Working Papers: ‘More and Better Jobs’ and ‘Earnings Inequality and In-Work Poverty’. David Natali is involved in the RECWOWE research strand on the tensions between flexibility and security. 

In the framework of the dialogue and dissemination activities of the RECWOWE Publication, Dissemination and Dialogue Centre (PUDIACwowe), the OSE regularly organises ‘exchange meetings’ - public debates open to external participants (decision makers, social partners, NGO representatives and other stakeholders) - and is in charge of the network’s newsletter.

OSE team members taking part in this project: Dalila Ghailani, David Natali, Ramón Peña-Casas, Anna Safuta, Bart Vanhercke.