International Digest (Belgian Review for Social Security)


The OSE was awarded a new contract with the Belgian Federal Public Service Social Security with a view to writing the ‘European and International Digest’ for the quarterly Revue Belge de Sécurité Sociale (RBSS/BTSZ). The Digest will continue to provide a regular overview of international developments (EU, OECD, ILO etc.) that have a direct or indirect impact on social protection and social inclusion policies and debates. As of 2019, this Digest includes information on environmental decisions taken by these institutions with a direct impact on public health and welfare. The goals is to emphasise the increasingly close link between the environment (water quality, air quality, soil quality, etc.) and our daily lives. This points to the need to include these elements in a new, broader understanding of the concept of ‘social protection’. The RBSS/BTSZ is available online, in French and Dutch.
OSE researchers involved: Denis Bouget, Boris Fronteddu, Angelina Atanasova (lead researcher).