Scope of the co-ordination system in the pension field


The OSE has delivered the final report of the research project on the ‘Scope of the co-ordination system in the pension field’. The projects aimed at providing a state of the art of the EU legal framework for the coordination of social security schemes and the portability of supplementary pension rights, the major challenges it deals with, and the most effective strategy to face the risk of legislation gaps.

With such a view, the project provides an in-depth study of the effects of the financial crisis on the public-private mix and future developments on public, private or hybrid schemes. The research project brings together the expertise from the OSE, the University of Milan (Maurizio Ferrera, Matteo Jessoula) and the European University Institute in Florence (Igor Guardiancich). 

In the final report the review of EU legislation (Regulation 883/2004 in particular) is paralleled by a systematic review of the more technical problems of pension systems' monitoring and classification in EU countries. The report concludes with a synoptic table for the revision of EU legislation and the reinforcement of pension protection across the EU.

OSE team members taking part in this project: David Natali and Dalila Ghailani.