Sickness benefits in the EU and the “generosity” of pensions for workers in hard jobs


The OSE started new research for the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), aimed at producing two ETUI Policy Briefs. The first one examines issues surrounding recent cuts in pension provision for workers in arduous and hazardous jobs (WAHJ). Such workers have historically enjoyed better provision because of the strong possibility of them having to take early retirement, but historic arrangements are now under threat. The second Policy Brief deals with sickness benefits in the EU. It aims to a) review the current legal arrangements as well as the take-up of sick leave, sick pay and sickness benefits in the Member States; b) discuss the payment arrangements and the evolution of sick pay and sickness benefit expenditure, as well as current reform trends across the EU; and c) consider key challenges related to gender, age and socio-economic status. Both publications draw on Synthesis Reports produced by the OSE in the context of the European Social Policy Network (ESPN). OSE researchers involved in this project: Slavina Spasova (lead researcher) and Bart Vanhercke, with Denis Bouget, ETUI and Chiara Belletti, University of Milan.