Facing the impact of the digitalisation of public services in Spain

The challenge for proactive collective bargaining
Martínez Poza, A. and Cruces Aguilera, J.

DIGIQU@LPUB project, OSE Paper Series, Research Paper No. 57, July 2023, 50p.

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This Research Paper presents the main findings of the Spanish case study of the the European Commission-funded ‘DIGIQU@LPUB project examining the impact of digitalisation on job quality and social dialogue in public services in three sectors: electricity, public administration and healthcare. Digitalisation is viewed fairly positively in Spain, although tensions linked to workloads and training are evident. The ongoing development of legal norms and collective bargaining provisions on this issue favours a more balanced application of the new digital tools for work organisation.  The report identifies several lines of intervention necessary to make further progress in addressing the negative aspects of digitalisation.

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