Welfare state

The OSE is a partner in a new Horizon Europe-funded research project (2022-2025) looking at ‘Welfare systems and Labour market policies for economic and social resilience in Europe’ (‘WeLaR’). The project is coordinated by the Research Institute for Work and Society (HIVA, KU Leuven) and brings together research institutes from six European Union countries: Austria (ZSI-WIIW), Belgium (OSE), Germany (ZEW), Italy (UNIPG), Luxembourg (LISER), Poland (ALDGATE-IBS) – as well as Serbia (EKOF).

This seminar – co-organised by the Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) Social Security and the OSE – will bring together researchers, social stakeholders and decisionmakers to discuss difficult issues, such as climate-proofing our economies and societies and the need to make European welfare states fit for the future. How conducive are the initiatives adopted by the EU to greater integration of the social and the green pillars? Should the European Semester be overhauled to explicitly take social-ecological indicators on board?

Poland, just like many other European countries, is facing the important challenge of modernising its welfare system in a challenging economic context and at a time of ongoing fiscal consolidation. Against this background, this public Roundtable discussion represents a key opportunity for scholars as well as national and European stakeholders and policymakers to discuss the contribution of social dialogue to welfare state developments in Poland and the rest of Europe.