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Unemployment and Pensions Protection in Europe: The Changing Role of Social Partners

The new PROWELFARE, financed by the European Commission, started in December 2014. It is a two-year project coordinated by the European Social Observatory (OSE) which involves 10 partners (see the dedicated website). PROWELFARE examines the role of social partners - particularly of trade unions - in the provision of welfare protection through occupational schemes. Specific objectives of the project are:

Welfare State and Industrial Relations Trends in Poland and the European Union

Poland, just like many other European countries, is facing the important challenge of modernising its welfare system in a challenging economic context and at a time of ongoing fiscal consolidation. Against this background, this public Roundtable discussion represents a key opportunity for scholars as well as national and European stakeholders and policymakers to discuss the contribution of social dialogue to welfare state developments in Poland and the rest of Europe.