Covid-19: mapping of social protection and support mechanisms for SMEs (FEC)


The OSE started new research for Formation Education Culture (FEC), an association for life-long learning and socio-cultural promotion linked to the Confederation of Christian Trade Unions (Confédération des Syndicats Chrétiens - CSC). The first part of the research maps the social protection measures taken in the 27 EU Member States in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, focusing on some categories of non-standard workers and the self-employed. The second part carries out a systematic inventory of the policy measures taken in response to the pandemic to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their employees. The role played by the social partners and social dialogue is also investigated in this context. Researchers involved in this project: Stéphanie Coster, Boris Fronteddu, Dalila Ghailani, Ramón Peña-Casas (leader part two), Sebastiano Sabato, Slavina Spasova (leader part one) and Bart Vanhercke