Welfare systems and labour market policies for economic and social resilience in Europe (WeLaR)


The OSE is a partner in a new Horizon Europe-funded research project (2022-2025) looking at ‘Welfare systems and Labour market policies for economic and social resilience in Europe’ (‘WeLaR’). The project is coordinated by the Research Institute for Work and Society (HIVA, KU Leuven) and brings together research institutes from six European Union countries: Austria (ZSI-WIIW), Belgium (OSE), Germany (ZEW), Italy (UNIPG), Luxembourg (LISER), Poland (ALDGATE-IBS) – as well as Serbia (EKOF). It investigates the impact of four megatrends – namely the technological revolution, globalisation, climate, and demographic changes – on European labour markets and welfare states. The project aims to provide a comparative diagnosis and to develop policy recommendations. Through an interdisciplinary approach and a cross-country perspective, policy interventions will be developed to foster resilience and inclusive growth, particularly for those facing higher labour market risks, such as women, young workers, people in atypical work contracts, or workers facing in-work poverty. The OSE is the leader of the work package on ‘Preferences, policy and social innovation’, which is tasked with formulating policy conclusions and recommendations and proposing opportunities for capacity building. OSE researchers involved in this project: Ramón Peña-Casas, Dalila Ghailani, Korina Kominou and Bart Vanhercke.